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June 8th 1957

in Hamburg (Germany) on the 8th day of June in the year 1957.

Educational career

different teachers tried their best to educate me:  (So who doesn’t “Need no education” Pink Floyd?

1. primary school
2. secondary school in Germany called ”Realschule" 
3. professional training to be a mechanic on telecommunications equipment at
    former “Deutschen Bundespost”  (now “Deutsche Telekom AG {German
4. High school specialised on Elektrotechnik in Hamburg 
5. Military duty at the German Fleet. ( I never saw a ship from inside, but
6. University specialised on Elektrotechnik in Hamburg


Engineer for Telecommunications and Control electronics

Personal Status

married since: 01.06.1984 with my better part Iris

other habbits

still too much smoking cigaretts, and I defete Coffein where ever I can get it.

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Who out of the computer buissiness doesn’t really know this Trillogie in five books, where everything deals with the number 42, and where you always have to carry a blanket and an electronic  device with an  included electronik Hitchhiker’s thumb, with a bright friendly red display with the words “DON’T PANIK” written onto?

“The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxi” 
“or the Programmers Guide to Infinety” 
Douglas Adams who died in 2001

The first part out of three of the film is to be seen at the Cinema in town.

“The Lord of Rings” / J.J.Tolkien

When the earth were a disc, which is carried by four (better five) giant elefants, which are carried by a giant turtle through the universe, where there are the charakters like the “Endless  Traveler “  Rincewind*1 with his  trolley  (“The Luggage”, which is following his master on thausands of tiny feet, breaking it’s way everywhere), Death, who only speaks in capital  letters, and his  Granddaughter, Wizzards of the Unseen  University and their Libarian*2, Witches like Granny Wetherwax, or Watchmen of the city watch like Corporal Nobbs and besides of  the classic Guilds the Guild of  Assisians*3 and the Guild of Thieves*3 excist, you are at the Disc World.

but you can find numberous footnotes in the books like this:
*1  Rincewind says:"You should start to run when you hear the ’e’ in: ‘He  you..’"
*2 "Ugh" says the Libarian. This is the only thing an Orang  Uthan is able to say. But with so many different meanings...
*3 At both Guilds you can buy an
    insurance on a years basis to be
    prevented from their normal

Sir Terry Pratchett: 
“The Colour Of Magic”,
“The Light Fantastic”,
“Equal Rites”,
“Wyrd Sisters”,
“Guards! Guards!”,
“Moving Pictures”,
“Reaper Man”,
“Witches Abroad”,
“Small Gods”,
“Lords  and  Ladies”,
“Men at Arms”,
“Soul Music”,
“Interesting Times”,
“Feet Of Clay”,
“ Jingo”,
“The Last Continent”,
“Carpe Jugulum”,
“The Fifth Elefant”,
“The Thruth”,
“ Thief Of Time”,
“The Amazing Maui®CE....”,
“The Wee Free Men”,
“A Hat full of Sky”
“The last Hero”
“Carpe Jugulum”
“Going Postal”,
“Making Money”
“Unseen Academicals”

When the carpet is a world of it’s own with thrill and excitement you can meet the Carpet People...

Sir Terry Pratchett
“The Carpet People”

When there are smal people only 4 inces high and to fast to be seen by adults, who own a very clever little black box, which tells them during a transatlantic flight with the   Concorde:"By the way  we’ve just broken the  sound barrier” And the people answerde resulute:”But we haven’t done it!”

Sir Terry Pratchett: 


Sir Terry Pratchett: 

When the differences between reality and real life disappeares, in both worlds horrible crimes take place, when the money rules the world, Users are caught in the NET physically and only a smal  number of  people fight  against this situation, then you are in Otherland or
The Other.

Tad Williams: 
Otherland Volumes 1- 4 
“City of Golden Shadow”,
“River of  Blue Fire”,
“Mountain of Black Glass” and
“Sea of Silver Light“


Suzuki GSX 750L
Like many full age ( build in 1981) young women, she’s expensive.....

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Travel plans

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